Did you know...?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), babies need 9x more iron and 4x more zinc than an adult.

A baby’s first foods need to be the most nutrient dense foods in the home.

But sometimes, we offer sweet potato or avocado because we think vegetables and fruit are “cleaner” or healthier. 

They aren’t. 

These plant foods are less nutrient dense than animal sourced foods. They also contain prebiotics, which can have a swift impact on your baby’s gut microbiome.

With First Foods + Beyond, you get:

📚 A 50+ page eBook with up-to-date scientific references.

🥳 Printable charts that make baby nutrition easy.

🥜 A smart allergen introduction plan.

🎧 Bite-sized video recordings you can listen to at any time, fitting in with a busy schedule and allowing you to move at your own pace.

🥣 40 delicious recipes for your baby, toddler, and family.

☎️ A 15-minute Compass Call with Megan, to solve your specific concerns and challenges.

  • 3-part food combining technique that provides essential nutrients, so you don’t have to rely on fortified foods.

  • A baby food pyramid, including baby superfood supplements.

  • An easy to use allergen plan that’s backed by science.

  • The connection between BLW and responsive feeding, plus tips to practice responsive feeding.

  • Insight into TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and baby immune support.


👉 Would to support your baby’s development through nutrition and holistic health.

👉 Are aware of the importance of baby gut health and want to know more.

👉 Know that gut and immune health is important during a baby’s first 1000 days.

👉 Are interested in responsive feeding to nurture a positive relationship with food.

👉 Would like bite-sized advice that fits into your busy schedule.


First Foods + Beyond | Megan Garcia

First Foods + Beyond | Megan Garcia

  • As a holistic-minded mom, I've been cautious about allergens, fearing potential allergies. Megan's approach was gentle yet informed. She shared an allergen introduction plan that felt manageable, safe, and supported by research. It was a weight off my shoulders, knowing that I could navigate this critical phase with confidence.
  • Megan's program gave me the confidence to follow my intuition with my daughter. I found the idea of starting solids totally intimidating but having all of the knowledge and information right in front of me, I was able to start Agatha's food journey off with the most nutrient dense foods which made all the difference.
  • I just want to say thank you for your wonderful First Foods and Beyond. This is my second baby and while I made my own baby food from good organic food for her I felt that we were still missing something. All of your information has helped fill that void! I now feel confident that my baby, and pre-schooler if I can get her to eat it, are getting important nutrients, minerals and vitamins from food. Thank you Megan Garcia for all of your hard work and dedicated time in researching what is best for your babies and sharing it!
  • This class gave me with the knowledge and confidence to embark on Sofia's feeding journey with a holistic and responsive approach. I know I'll return to the class materials and recipes again and again.
  • I discovered Megan’s work and service exactly at the moment we were beginning to transition to solid food for our son. I didn’t expect the transition to be so stressful. I wanted to start our son out right in terms of nutrition and health. The question was where to start? First Foods and Beyond was THE answer. I immediately felt relief when I read her approach. Megans evidence based approach, suggestions, recipes and educational components were all pivotal to my personal success at feeding my child in a way I could feel confident. Your guidance, expertise and support continue to help me and my family build a solid foundation for nutrition and well-being. The proof is in our thriving son. We’re very grateful to have found you when we did! I wish it was sooner! My deepest thanks!
  • So many of the moms that I meet feel lost and confused when it comes to solids. Their pediatricians, lactation consultants, family, and friends all give them conflicting information, and their babies have so many different needs. I am very glad to have found Megan’s program while my son was still exclusively breastfeeding, and even more glad that she breaks down the research and common guidance about solids in an easy-to-understand guide (and better yet, easy to explain to my partner, doctors, and friends!) I feel confident and excited about feeding my baby, and I know that is not the norm for a first time mom! I love to cook all his food when I can, and I know what quick, healthy options are available to me when I can’t. All of that I credit to Megan’s work and I am so grateful.
  • I hesitated to buy this program because this is my second baby and I wasn’t sure if I need ANOTHER whole foods resource on starting solids. But because it remains nervewracking, I bought the program and am so glad I did. I love that Megan not only keeps up to date on the latest research, but also breaks it down into a simple, easy to follow plan to get started with the world of foods. Having these specific guidelines helped me to prepare for this transition which in turn allowed me to be calm enough to be responsive to my son during the process.

About Megan

Megan Garcia is a licensed acupuncturist (CA Acupuncture Board License #19120). She holds a master’s degree in traditional East Asian medicine from Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, California.

Over the years, I’ve accumulated a medicine cabinet of simple tips and tools that can make life flow with a little more ease. This is what I share with families.

The parents and babies I work with 💯 inspire what I do.