Baby Gut Health | Megan Garcia

  • How to relieve constipation in babies quickly?
  • What to do for baby after antibiotics?
  • How do you comfort a baby with gas or help baby with reflux?

Baby Gut Health | Megan Garcia

30-minute class

A pre-recorded class that goes through the different phases of baby gut development and explains how baby's microbiome is different from your own. We cover the best ways to optimize baby gut health along with remedies pulled from traditional Chinese medicine for common digestive problems. 

Printable workbook

A printer-friendly version of everything we cover in class with an emphasis on baby gut maturation along with gentle TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) solutions that support baby’s health. 

Build that medicine kit!

If you’ve taken my class on Chinese herbs for cold and flu season, you know I’m all about having herbs and supplements on hand BEFORE you need them. Get the scoop on my favorite herbal formulas for baby digestions and how to use them.

Private Facebook group

Not everyone uses Facebook. But if you do, this private group will help keep the conversation going. It’s also a way for me to continue answering questions as they pop up.

Baby Gut Health | Megan Garcia

Oh, hey!

My name is Megan Garcia. I'm a mama to two boys. I have a background in traditional Chinese medicine. And I'm fascinated with finding that place where traditional wisdom and evidence-based medicine meet.

My goal is to support you through parenthood and give you what you need to confidently care for your baby.

See you in class, xxo!!