Eczema? Gas or tummy troubles? 

While my work spans baby’s first 1000 days - 9 months of pregnancy and baby’s first two years - I often consult with parents around immune-mediated troubles like eczema, food allergies, and reflux. 

During baby’s first years, their immune system goes through a lot of changes.

Whether your little one is still exclusively breastfed or eating solids, avoiding trigger foods isn't always the answer. And so my approach looks at food triggers but also works to overcome them.

Because this is your window. 

Research on food allergies and eczema tells us that an inclusive diet before 12 months gives us the best results. This means variety and allergen exposure can lead to tolerance later on. 

Other areas I address in my work with parents: 

  • Baby constipation
  • Failure to put on weight
  • Recurring infections
  • I want to thank you for helping me with all the concerns I had with my daughter, thank you for being supportive and for clarifying my doubts. I being following your program for about 2 months and I have noticed a huge difference in my baby‘s health, her eczema is now 90% clear, she was showing food sensitive to a LONG list of food, and now she can eat almost everything! She also had troubles with sleep, now she is falling asleep easier and stay asleep for almost 2 hours during night (that’s better than 1 hour) That makes my heart feel so happy! I wish I’ve found you during my pregnancy.
  • Thank you! 🙏🏼 you've already helped us more than her Ped and Naturopath she had been seeing.
  • My son has a ton of allergies and it’s been difficult finding creative ways to add different foods and vitamins into his limited diet. Mamas know how stressful it can be to make sure our little ones are getting all the nutrients they need to grow and thrive and more than anything, Megan, we can’t thank you enough!

Oh hey, mama

My name is Megan Garcia. I'm a mama to two boys. I have a master’s degree in traditional Chinese medicine (MTOM) and I'm fascinated with finding that place where traditional wisdom and evidence-based medicine meet.

My goal is to support you through parenthood and give you what you need to confidently care for your baby.