What you get

60-minute live class

Us. Together. In a digital room where I give a little background on Chinese herbs and share exactly how I use them in my own home. 

Printable workbook

Everything we cover in class and more. You’ll get a short primer on Chinese medicine, tips on how to use my favorite herbal formulas, and prompts to help to pull everything together.

A medicine kit roadmap

Build your own medicine kit! Find out which Chinese herbs to use when baby is sick and how to use them. 

Private Facebook group

We all know that a private Facebook group is one of the best ways to offer on-going support and cheer each other on. Right?

What we'll talk about

When is class?

Make sure you're free for one of the following timeslots.


My name is Megan Garcia

I have a background in traditional Chinese medicine.

Chinese herbs have been a staple in my home ever since I began studying them in graduate school. I'm excited to share some of that magic with you. 

See you in class, xxo!!